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At EnviroMend, our purpose is to improve the quality of our land for future generations. We blend science, technology and years of expertise to help our clients with their toughest soil challenges, providing the most environmentally conscious, robust and cost-effective solutions.

Guided by our values of integrity, safety and service, there is nothing more important to us than doing the right thing, for our clients, communities and the environment. Through the safe repair and redevelopment of soil, we help communities thrive.

Environmental Friendly Services in Livermore, CA

EnviroMend Group provides construction management, remediation, and soil solutions in a variety of markets for both public and private clients.

No matter how complex your project or how challenging the site or soil conditions, EnviroMend’s professional team of experts brings peace of mind and certainty to site remediation and development.



Excavation, Export, 

Soil re-location service in Livermore, CA

Safe, legal and timely; what does your soil need? Check out our industry-leading soil management services:

HAZARDOUS MATERIAL remediation & restoration

Appraisal, Consulting, 

Soil re-location service in Livermore, CA

Contaminated, hazardous, or unknown material at your construction zone? Learn how we can help:

Construction planning, development & management


Soil re-location service in Livermore, CA

Lead your project management with the help of EMG. See how EMG’s experts can help your project:

Doing the right thing for the environment, our clients and our people, one project at a time.

Chat with our team for expert advice and service before you break ground.

Who we are

EnviroMend Group is more than just a soil management company; it’s a company with a commitment to protecting the environment and guiding you through all of your projects.

Our Industries

We are proud to work with professionals in a wide range of industries that feed progress and help our country grow. At EMG, we tackle anything concerned with the environment, site development, and how to manage soil solutions.

Past projects have included work with the industries below, as well as many others:

Our Clients

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