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Safety is EnviroMend’s number one core value. We follow all necessary regulations to safely and efficiently complete various types of projects. EnviroMend also brings decades of experience to your project. EnviroMend Group is part of Goodfellow Bros, a century-old company with an impeccable reputation. Our seasoned team approaches every project with professionalism and commitment to quality service. We also bring that same commitment to protecting the planet. Our environmental solutions and construction management are designed to elevate your vision as well as care for the environment.

What Services Does EnviroMend offer?

EnviroMend can tackle a variety of projects, from comprehensive construction management to environmental site solutions. We also provide remediation services, soil sampling testing, and soil removal services. In addition to breaking new ground, EnviroMend can also restore your site with the help of our hazardous material disposal services. Past projects include golf courses, renewable energy, private development, and heavy civil construction. If you don’t see your exact project listed here, please feel free to contact us for more information.

How Does EnviroMend Set Me Up for Success?

EnviroMend sets your project up for success from the very beginning. From your project’s initial conception to the very last walkthrough, EnviroMend will plan every step of the way. Before we even break ground, EnviroMend will make sure your project complies with all local regulations. If necessary, we’ll also complete an environmental impact assessment to determine the best course of action for your project and the planet.

What if My Project Runs into a Problem?

Even the best-laid plans can go awry. That’s why EnviroMend will complete a full risk assessment before your project’s start date and create corresponding mitigation strategies to combat any possible risks. If a problem does arise, EnviroMend works quickly and efficiently to resolve any issues, whether you need hazardous material disposal, contaminated soil removal, or soil sampling testing. We work hard to keep your project on schedule, even if faced with permitting issues or sampling requirements.

Does EnviroMend Handle Administrative Tasks?

We are equipped to manage every aspect of your project, including administrative tasks. EnviroMend can coordinate with multiple contractors, materials suppliers, and service providers. We will also reach out to regulatory agencies, state and local officials, and other NGOs on your behalf to ensure all projects are safe and hassle-free. EnviroMend lets you focus on what matters: your project.

The consulting and construction management professionals at EMG can help you get ahead of all your project challenges.

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