Advanced Soil Management Solutions in Northern California

EnviroMend Group Provides Environmentally Conscious Services

EnviroMend Group is here to provide assistance for site remediation and development projects. We offer a range of environmental services to help our clients facing difficult or regulation-heavy projects. Some of our most sought-after services include our soil management and relocation solutions. If you have a project in the Northern California area, we will use a combination of technology and science to provide for the needs of your project in an environmentally conscious way. We have years of experience you can count on and will strive to provide the best services possible. Please reach out to us today for additional information about our soil services.

Soil Excavation

Soil excavation is the process of moving dirt using specialty equipment in order to prepare a site for a construction or development project. Through the use of scrapers, blades, excavators and other equipment, excavation crews create cuts in the surface of the Earth to make way for essential buildings and their components such as underground utilities, power lines, foundations, and more. We have a team of trained professionals to ensure your construction project gets off on the right foot. With extensive knowledge of soil classifications, we’ll help you achieve optimal results on your excavation projects.

Soil Export & Import Services

Construction and land development projects always begin with the soil. Preparing the ground on the site is one of the most crucial steps. There may be cases where the site does not have enough soil. On the other hand, there may be sites that have an excess of soil. Our team can help in both situations with our soil export and import services. We understand that most developers and project managers are not soil experts, but we are. We’ll take the reins of this portion of the project and ensure your site is fully prepped and ready for the next stage. Our team offers both of these services:

  • Soil Import: When you need additional soil for your site, you have to be sure the soil you import meets the requirements of the project. This can be challenging on its own. When you factor in timing and transportation, this task gets even more difficult. We have the equipment and knowledge to locate and supply import soil, bringing it to your worksite in an efficient manner. Our team can import pad fill dirt, select fill, or general fill dirt to meet your needs.
  • Soil Export: Removing soil from your site can be just as much of a challenge as importing it. You can count on our team to complete excavation, gather excess soil, and transport it away from your site. With years of experience, we can export dirt safely, effectively, and affordably.

Soil Testing & Environmental Site Assessments

Before beginning any construction project, it’s often required to complete testing at the site. Our team can complete mandatory soil testing and review environmental site assessments to ensure you have the green light to start work. We’re also able to perform these services on existing sites to gauge the environmental impact of the construction process, as well as at spill emergencies to assess any damage. Our team will take samples from around your site, analyze them, and inform you of the findings. Should we find any contamination, we can help you develop a plan to deal with the issue. Our goal is always to help your project be successful.

The consulting and construction management professionals at EMG can help you get ahead of all your project challenges.

Contaminated Soil Removal

There are many circumstances that could lead to the contamination of soil on your site. No matter the cause, it’s important to correct the problem as efficiently as possible. If we discover contaminated soil at your property, we can provide site remediation services, including contaminated soil removal. After proper characterization of your site, EMG can properly delineate, excavate, and dispose of contaminated soil in order to remediate your site. The removal of contaminated soil through excavation is often the best remediation tactic for areas that have been contaminated by oils or CAM 17 metals, as digging is the most effective way to remove such contaminants. Our team is here to help ensure your project doesn’t negatively affect the environment.

Contact Us for More Information

If you would like to learn more about our soil management services, we encourage you to reach out to our team today. We have many years of experience in the business and combine our vast knowledge with the latest technology to ensure you get the best services possible. Whether you need a team to prep your site or remove contaminated soil, we’re the team for the job. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs or to request service at your site.